Water: Exactly how doomed are we?

  By Daanish Mustafa August 9, 2018 The sad truth is that the future the TV channels are warning us about, has already come to pass for the vast majority of the people in Pakistan It seems that the “looming” water scarcity crisis has finally caught the country’s attention. Every television channel in Pakistan seems … Continue reading Water: Exactly how doomed are we?

Pakistan’s water shortage is a myth

  By Daanish Mustafa June 7, 2018 The country’s water scarcity is socially constructed, and large farmers engaged in agricultural exports are the culprits and the beneficiaries of it I recently came across some real news about Pakistan which merits sharing, and commenting. According to a July, 2017 article by Carole Dalin at University College, … Continue reading Pakistan’s water shortage is a myth

Geography in schools before dams on rivers

  By Daanish Mustafa "The dam debate in our country is largely a demonstration of how our education system has failed an entire generation". Over the past two weeks I have had the surreal experience of being trolled on social media. Never happened before, as out of a hundred and something followers that I have … Continue reading Geography in schools before dams on rivers

Folly, thy name is Diamer-Bhasha

It has been known in the inner recesses of the engineering establishment of Pakistan for the past 20 years or so, that the Diamer-Bhasha dam is not technically feasible.  By Daanish Mustafa   I  noted with some disbelief the Prime Minister’s pledge to build Diamer-Bhasha dam amongst others, with donations from overseas Pakistanis. According to … Continue reading Folly, thy name is Diamer-Bhasha