The Indus Waters Treaty Between India & Pakistan, 1960

    The Indus Waters Treaty Historical context The partition of the Indian subcontinent created a conflict over the waters of the Indus basin.  In 1951, David Lilienthal wrote an influential article in Colliers magazine suggesting that the World Bank use its good offices to bring India and Pakistan to an agreement over how to share and manage the river … Continue reading The Indus Waters Treaty Between India & Pakistan, 1960

Indus River Water Material

Water storage & distribution is a major issue in Pakistan. The issue has been complicated by misinformation & propaganda by vested interests. Some people have taken stand based on either wrong information or lack of information. It is better to study the issue in detail & take an informed stand.   Here is some material … Continue reading Indus River Water Material

Future Reservoirs & Irrigation Schemes Some important considerations

Future Reservoirs & Irrigation Schemes Some important considerations By 'The Reformers Water Management and Distribution Committee': Chairman: Engr. A. N. G. Abbasi Members: Engr. Shaikh Manzoor Ahmed Engr. Kazi Abdul Majid Engr. Qamaruddin Sahto Syed Qamar uz Zaman Shah December 2000 Pl read the detailed report here Or coy paste this: ............................................................. Read it … Continue reading Future Reservoirs & Irrigation Schemes Some important considerations

Dams, Ports And NFC

Dams, Ports And NFC: by Aziz Narejo   The authors of fantastic ideologies, fables and fairy tales have crafted a myth that the people of Sindh and Balochistan are anti-development. This falsehood has been based on Sindh's opposition to mega water projects and Balochistan's concerns over the under-construction Gwadar port. Instead of finding out why … Continue reading Dams, Ports And NFC

Water Crisis: Some Misconceptions

Water Crisis: Some Misconceptions: by Aziz Narejo   Despite Sindh's unanimous opposition to any mega dams on the Indus River and three out of four provincial assemblies' multiple resolutions against the proposed Kalabagh Dam, the federal government seems all set to start work on at least one of the several proposed multi-billion dollar dams to … Continue reading Water Crisis: Some Misconceptions

Concerns Over Mega Water Projects

Concerns over mega water projects: by Aziz Narejo   The opponents of mega dams have been arguing for long that there is no water available for such projects: there is not enough water to fill even the present dams - Tarbela and Mangla - however silted they are. How wise is it then to spend … Continue reading Concerns Over Mega Water Projects

Lets Bid Farewell To Agrarian Society!

Lets Bid Farewell To Agrarian Society: by Aziz Narejo The proclamations that we are an agrarian society and that agriculture makes up sizable portion of our GDP should not make us any proud. They actually demonstrate the failure and the inability of the state and the free enterprise to develop and create other more viable, … Continue reading Lets Bid Farewell To Agrarian Society!

Dams, Canals & Confidence Building Measures

Dams, Canals & Confidence Building Measures: by Aziz Narejo   The water issue is gaining serious dimensions in Pakistan. The increase in population, mismanagement, wastage, unjust distribution, water theft, an outdated barrage system, poor maintenance, ill-planning and greed by some at the cost of the tail-enders and the lower riparian are but a few causes … Continue reading Dams, Canals & Confidence Building Measures

Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003

Pl read Rasul Bux Palijo's book "Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003 to fully understand the issue in historic perspective. Sindh Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003 Dedicated to the stolen mighty River Indus. An excerpt: "Every further drop or cusec of water, that is being taken now or will be taken hereafter, from the Indus System, for any … Continue reading Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003