Dead-quiet, flows the Indus

Dead-quiet, flows the Indus By Sarang Mangi "Dams beside their economic significance have severe social and environmental impacts. Poor, powerless and marginalised ethnic minorities whose livelihood depends on the continuous flow of Indus will suffer the most." It is often said that the man who pulls the lever that breaks your neck should be a [...]


Survival of the Indus delta

Survival of the Indus Delta By Nasir Ali Panhwar It is alarming to note that some specialised organisations and individuals describe the flow of river water into the sea as a waste. All over the world rivers flow into seas and efforts are made to ensure substantial flow is maintained throughout the year to protect [...]

The dam controversy

  By Mushtaq Rajpar We need to have a rational discourse on the management and distribution of water resources in the country. It appears that some outside the Sindh view the province’s point of view on dams as politically stubborn and irrational and without ground. Punjab’s populist stand on dams is a form of mob [...]

Dams & Development: A Monumental Report By Wold Commission On Dams

Dams And Development: A New Framework For Decision Making November 2000 The Report Of The World Commission On Dams Earthscan Publications Ltd, London and Sterling, VA Excerpts from the preface by Professor Kader Asmal, Chair, World Commission on Dams: If politics is the art of the possible, this document is a work of art. It [...]

The world Commission on Dams: A Review of Hydroelectric Projects and the Impact on Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Minorities

September 1999 Author: Joji Carino The World Commission on Dams' Process Established through a process involving representatives from all perspectives of the debate, the World Commission on Dams (WCD) seeks to facilitate a better understanding of the past and more recent experiences with dams, as well as alternative options for development and effective and participatory [...]