Water Issue: You have to think out of the box

A talk by Water expert Dr Hassan Abbas Water Issue: Solution is there! You only have to think out of the box! Listen to an expert telling you how you can easily solve water issue, revive Indus Delta, boost economy & stop water wars.   Water Issue solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GP7Jo_q1es

Irrigation efficiency key to ending Indus water shortages

 By Dr Hassan Abbas An all-out push for irrigation efficiency instead of building huge structures that flood farms and ruin us all would solve South Asia’s water problems, argues Hassan Abbas “For most countries of the world, agriculture is the biggest user of water and the biggest cause of water shortages. And that is where … Continue reading Irrigation efficiency key to ending Indus water shortages

Kalabagh: The other view

  By Dr. Hassan Abbas THE consensus at the national, or shall we say political, level to build the Kalabagh dam for water and power does not exist. Perhaps some areas of Pakistan will benefit from the dam while some others will not, but the question is whether Pakistan as a whole would earn any … Continue reading Kalabagh: The other view

Let The Rivers Flow!

"Let The Rivers Flow", a talk given by by Dr Hassan Abbas, an expert in Hydrology, Water Resources & Groundwater Management, at a TEDx event. Copied here with thanks of TEDx.   Water being a source of life can never be taken for granted. This natural resource like any other should not be tinted through technological … Continue reading Let The Rivers Flow!

Dam alternatives?

 By Hassan Abbas “THERE has never been a fair playing field when dams have been compared with their alternatives. Corruption and the power of the big-dam lobby … [has] meant that feasibility studies for new dams have regularly underestimated their costs and exaggerated their benefits,” writes Patrick McCully, director of International Rivers Network, UK. A … Continue reading Dam alternatives?