Dams: Prudence Calls For Sanity

Dams: prudence calls for sanity By Aziz Narejo   Statements on the construction of Kalabagh, Akhori-Sanjwal, Bhasha and other dams prove one thing: the praetorian masters continue to ignore the voices of the small provinces. One is at loss to understand why they are so unresponsive - and why do they want to destroy the … Continue reading Dams: Prudence Calls For Sanity

Water Crisis: Some Misconceptions

Water Crisis: Some Misconceptions: by Aziz Narejo   Despite Sindh's unanimous opposition to any mega dams on the Indus River and three out of four provincial assemblies' multiple resolutions against the proposed Kalabagh Dam, the federal government seems all set to start work on at least one of the several proposed multi-billion dollar dams to … Continue reading Water Crisis: Some Misconceptions

Concerns Over Mega Water Projects

Concerns over mega water projects: by Aziz Narejo   The opponents of mega dams have been arguing for long that there is no water available for such projects: there is not enough water to fill even the present dams - Tarbela and Mangla - however silted they are. How wise is it then to spend … Continue reading Concerns Over Mega Water Projects

Dams, Canals & Confidence Building Measures

Dams, Canals & Confidence Building Measures: by Aziz Narejo   The water issue is gaining serious dimensions in Pakistan. The increase in population, mismanagement, wastage, unjust distribution, water theft, an outdated barrage system, poor maintenance, ill-planning and greed by some at the cost of the tail-enders and the lower riparian are but a few causes … Continue reading Dams, Canals & Confidence Building Measures

Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003

Pl read Rasul Bux Palijo's book "Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003 to fully understand the issue in historic perspective. Sindh Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003 Dedicated to the stolen mighty River Indus. An excerpt: "Every further drop or cusec of water, that is being taken now or will be taken hereafter, from the Indus System, for any … Continue reading Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003