Geography in schools before dams on rivers

  By Daanish Mustafa "The dam debate in our country is largely a demonstration of how our education system has failed an entire generation". Over the past two weeks I have had the surreal experience of being trolled on social media. Never happened before, as out of a hundred and something followers that I have [...]


Dam politics

  By Mustaque Rajpar   There is no supra-constitutional centre of power in any democratic system. The pillars of the state derive their powers and roles from the constitution of Pakistan. Perhaps, we need to remind ourselves that this constitution was framed by the supreme will of the people and their representative body, the country’s [...]

Let The Rivers Flow!

"Let The Rivers Flow", a talk given by by Dr Hassan Abbas, an expert in Hydrology, Water Resources & Groundwater Management, at a TEDx event. Copied here with thanks of TEDx.   Water being a source of life can never be taken for granted. This natural resource like any other should not be tinted through technological [...]

Destruction Of Indus Delta As A Result Of Dams On Rivers In Pakistan – A Video Report

Destruction Of Indus Delta As A Result Of Dams On Rivers In Pakistan - A Video Report by Akhtiar Khokhar. دریائے سندھ پر نئے ڈیمز کے حامیوں کی خدمت میں پیش کرتے ہیں ۔ ذرا اس تباہی کو بھی دیکھ لیں Special report on environmental and human disaster of Indus Delta. Sea incursion and intrusion [...]

Dam alternatives?

 By Hassan Abbas “THERE has never been a fair playing field when dams have been compared with their alternatives. Corruption and the power of the big-dam lobby … [has] meant that feasibility studies for new dams have regularly underestimated their costs and exaggerated their benefits,” writes Patrick McCully, director of International Rivers Network, UK. A [...]

Folly, thy name is Diamer-Bhasha

It has been known in the inner recesses of the engineering establishment of Pakistan for the past 20 years or so, that the Diamer-Bhasha dam is not technically feasible.  By Daanish Mustafa   I  noted with some disbelief the Prime Minister’s pledge to build Diamer-Bhasha dam amongst others, with donations from overseas Pakistanis. According to [...]

Dam Equivalents: The solution to Pakistan’s water crisis

We don’t need another mega project to solve our problems. What we need is a mega-vision. By  Hassan Abbas There’s a general rhetoric that, one, Pakistan is soon going to run out of water; and, two, building more dams is the ‘only solution’ to the crisis. Is this really the case? Nature’s mechanism that brings [...]