Indus water pollution

Indus water pollution By F.H. Mughal TWO MERCY appeals by the Sindh Chamber of Agriculture (Jan. 25 & March 1, 1997) two news items in the DAWN (March 3 & 4, 1997) and, a write-up by Ms Mumtaz Rashdi (March 14, 1997), highlight the problems of disposing of the saline water into the Indus, through WAPDA's … Continue reading Indus water pollution

Kalabagh Dam: Look Before Your Leap

Kalabagh Dam: Look Before Your Leap By: ANG Abbasi & Abdul Majid Kazi The Kalabagh dam project has been lingering on for over two decades. In the last few months it has again gained momentum and many articles and statements have been published in the press both for and against the project. At this juncture … Continue reading Kalabagh Dam: Look Before Your Leap

Derailed Reforms in Irrigation Sector

Derailed Reforms in Irrigation Sector Engr. Naseer Memon Pakistan possesses one of the world largest irrigation networks both in terms of physical infrastructure and the quantity of water supposedly being managed. Modern barrage irrigation was introduced in British rule, which required productive colonies to feed their armies and masses. After partition this legacy was transferred … Continue reading Derailed Reforms in Irrigation Sector