Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003

rasool bux palijo

Pl read Rasul Bux Palijo’s book “Sindh-Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003 to fully understand the issue in historic perspective.

Sindh Punjab Water Dispute 1859-2003

Dedicated to the stolen mighty River Indus.

An excerpt:

“Every further drop or cusec of water, that is being taken now or will be
taken hereafter, from the Indus System, for any canal or dam, will to that extent,
reduce the flow of Indus System Water towards the province at the tail viz Sindh
and intensify its ruin and desertification.
“Justice demands that the above enormous injustices to Sindh from the first
days of the establishment of Pakistan be rectified before any further cynical loose
talk about further dams and canals. The alleged wrong doers in this respect
include Prime Ministers, Presidents, generals and field marshals and federal and
provincial governments of the country. The alleged wrong-doing involved in this
matter, appears to attract both the criminal and civil jurisdictions at the highest
level. What appears to be needed for satisfying the cardinal golden principle of
administration of justice that justice should not only be done but should also be
seen to be done, is an impartial and powerful, international judicial forum of the
UN, OIC or SARC level, to decide both the above aspects of the matter. Justice
delayed is Justice denied.”


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